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Material Imagination

Spring 2014 _ Carolina Dayer

In a theory-based class that went hand-in-hand with my studio design project, I explored phenomenology through drawing parts of my building in relation to the senses. This allowed me to focus on the spectator’s interaction with the building on different scales; from the building form, to bathrooms. The building was designed to be a Butoh center; a place to house a form of meditative Japanese dancing. Through these drawings, the building transformed into an experiential journey with intimate details that enriched the spaces.

Proportional study of the interior.

As a response to Alex T. Thompson’s essay, “On the Human Figure in Architectural Representation”, I looked to use the human figure not just a scale figure, but also as a way of informing the design of the space. The anthropomorphic scale represents the three main elements of Butoh; Body, Mind and Soul.

Section through inhabitable periscope and column.

The periscope columns engage the public, while still maintaining a level of privacy for the introspective dancers. This inclusive act gives a taste of the performance, thus filtering the audience and invites only the ones who are interested.