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Junction City

With the objective of building a new city with pieces of the old, this reminder that peace and justice will prevail, and the past will not be forgotten will echo in the city. It is a testament to a newfound strength and pride built on diversity and tolerance.

For there to be a solution for housing, we must think first about the social infrastructure in which it sits. There are four main building typologies in a society; residential, cultural, governmental and religious. For there to be a growth in one aspect, we must consider the demand for the other three.

Buildings must have the capability to expand. Due to shortage of land, this flexibility must come in the form of vertical stacking. Buildings form off other buildings like parasites, giving the civilians complete control of their city; a freedom they have lacked for long before that. Sandbag construction allows for this type of growth, as it can be controlled, yet still be characterized as organic. Along the perimeter, however, gabion wall construction is considered as it utilizes the remains of demolished buildings, as well as steel collected from destructed sites, to create new building material. Using war materials, something new is born.