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C’est Bone

Spring 2013 _ Jeff Ponitz + Mark Cabrinha
(Group Project)

Assembled photograph of cast units.

C’est Bone is a group project which was the final product of the Digital Fabrication course at Cal Poly. Groups were asked to conceptualize, design and fabricate a medium to large-scale spatial structure or installation using a parametric approach. Our group worked on a module cast from hydrocal, which could be placed in various ways to produce different configurations. C’est Bone takes into consideration space, scale, assembly, and economy. The module was inspired by bones at the shaft, and a 3D tessellation technique at the ends as connecting pieces, resulting in a compression structure which could be applied to building cladding. Within our group, we were all able to take part in each of the design and fabrication stages, including prototyping, CNC milling, casting, and assembling.

Photographs of Hydrocal-cast units assembled in various configurations.
[Group Project with Trevor Larson, Stephanie Thompson and Diana Rodriguez]

Form-finding diagram of individual unit.

Exploded mold diagram.

Close-up of three-dimensional tessellation at joints.

Various configurations of units.

The three-dimensional tessellation at each end of the unit allows for the connection of 3 other units at any orientation desired. This allows for various configurations to be acheived as an end product. The tessellation was also designed in such a way that includes a ‘lip’ for the adjacent unit to sit on, adding to its structural integrity.

Process photographs.

                                                  Render of assembled wall by Trevor Larson.

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